Karma Smith is a water nymph and she basically lives in the water like a mermaid. She has long blonde hair with blue streaks and emerald green eyes. She is very nice and smart and very popular in the nymphs.She lives on Camp-Half-Blood Lake's Shore. All of the campers visit her. She can come out of water but prefer's not too. Her parents are Poseidon and Amphitrite. She is princess of Poseidon's Palace. She has a dolphin named Chrissy and Karma is 19,000 years old as of 2013.

Karma doesn't live in the palace she lives in a small water cove near the palace. She and her brother Triton have a good relationship. Karma does visit Olympus a lot. She is Poseidon's favorite daughter. She wears shell's in her hair and has a tattoo on her back of a sea star. Her earing's are seastar's that talk to her. She wears a lot of jewlery such as her neckalace with pearls on it. She also wears a tiara made of diamonds and crystals.

She and Percy have a good relationship. And she and Annabeth are BFF's.

The Blue Angel Book 1 of the Karma Smith series

"Triton your a fool, Jasmine was no good for u she just wanted you because of your place". I told my brother while he was sobbing about his break up with his ex-girlfriend Jasmine. "Jasmine was so sweet", he sobbed. I left his room and went to make some pancakes like we did when we were children.  I brought the pancakes up to his room and we split it eating with our fingers.

I noticed a photo of Jasmine and him on his nightstand. I threw a shell at it. Jasmine had long red hair and green eyes. "You know Triton I think you should let ME set you up on a date", I suggested. "You think", Triton sniffiled. I nodded and left the room. I swam down to the market place and called a nymph I knew her name was Blossom.

"Blossom meet me at the nail salon in 10 minutes". I spoke into the phone

10 minuetes later Blossom was there

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