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Katherine (Katie) Summer Lizimata is an unclaimed demigoddess.


Katie was born on July 15, 1989. She ran away when she was eleven. She met up with Luke, Thalia and Annabeth at one of their shelters. She'd been camping out there for the night and was alone. She was crying when Thalia gave her a hug. Really, Katie never ran away. She was homeless because her mum died because of lung Cancer. She misses Thalia dearly and took car of Annabeth a bit.


Being a demigod, Katie has her father's appearance. She has unnaturally red hair. It is said to be like a fire, a bit lighter on top but darker at the tips. She has red eyes like the coals of fire. She usually wears red lipstick. She likes the colour red and often wears it. She likes to wear jewellery that consists of mostly punk things. Katie also likes to wear short-shorts and her Camp t-shirt in the summer, when she's there.


Katie has a fiery personality. Her favourite colour is red. She likes it because it reminds her of her father, whoever he is. Also being an ex-homeless, she's good at begging. She's quite curious and has a feeling that means something. She knows no god she could be sired by. She's spontaneous and can be a bit whiny and random at times. Her life has been rough but she's grown a heart as hard as a rock. Luke once quoted, "It may be impossible for her to ever love someone... Her heart is like steel. No one can break the locks of her heart."

Known Family.

  • Mother, Leslie Lizamata.
  • Step-father, Keenan Lizamata.
  • Twin half-brothers, Jake and Sam.

Known Relationships.

  • Luke Castellan, good friend.
  • Thalia, dead best friend.
  • Annabeth, best friend.

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