Katie Jackson

Katie "KK" Jeanette Jackson is the quarter-blood daughter of Percy Jackson and Anabeth Chase-Jackson


Katie has Annabeth's blond hair and sea green eyes. She is 5'0 and weighs about 98 lbs. She has pale skin.


Katie's personality is mixied Anabeth/Grover she is caring,funny and loves nature.

Theme Song

This Is Me by Demi Loavato

Stop The World by Demi Lovato

Known Family

Roxanne Jackson (Sister)

Elizabeth Castellan (Cousin)

Annabeth Jackson-Chase (Mother)

Percy Jackon (Father)

Posideon (Grandpa)

Athena (Grandma)

Sally Jackson (Grandma)

Luke Castellan (Uncle)

Thalia Grace-Castellan (Aunt)

Grover Underwood (Uncle)

Junpier Underwood (Aunt)

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