Kaylee P

Kaylee Marisa Pine is thirteen years old. No one actually knows if she's a half-blood, a quarter-blood, a fifth-blood, an eighth-blood, or something else.

Not One of Us

Kaylee is a homeless teenager that doesn't know her parents. She ran away from her foster home at the age of six.

Annabeth takes her to Camp Half-Blood.


Kaylee has deathly pale skin, long blue-black hair that would be beautiful and shimmering if it didn't have twigs and dirt in it, and caramel-brown eyes. Her eyes are a pretty color, but they're bloodshot and have dark circles under them from almost never sleeping. She always has a sad, cold, dead look in her eyes. She is quite lanky, being 5'4 and just 77 lbs. She is nearly starved due to being homeless and eating about once a week. She is definitely emo.


Kaylee has a sour personality. She is very reclusive, rarely speaking. It isn't easy to befriend her, but once she trusts you she'll stick with you for life. Kaylee can honestly say that she can't wait to die.

Known Family

Kaylee doesn't know anyone in her family, unless her many foster families count. She is believed to be a relative of Hades, but this is merely speculation.


  • Kaylee's personality is fairly similar to Sparrowsong's.

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