Keenan at age three.

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Keenan Eric Jackson (born September 10, 2032) is the quarter blood son of Amberlynn Jackson and Todd Hewitt.


Keenan Eric Jackson was born September 10, 2032 is the quarter blood son of Todd Hewitt and Amberlynn Jackson. He has two other siblings, Riley Jackson and Robyn Jackson. He is a child of *edit*.

Happy Endings Only Happen In Fairytales.

Keenan appeared once, the morn after his birth.

Lost Out In The Rain.

Keenan is a very main character in this.

He is the ring-bearer at Amberlynn and Adam's wedding.

He got full marks on his math in kindergarten.


Keenan looks more like his mother than his father. He has dark brown hair, the black making it dark, the blonde making it brown. He has dark eyes, probably from his paternal grandmother, who had dark eyes and possibly another relative. His skin is fair like his mother's.


As a young child, Keenan is said to be good natured and friendly. Thinkaboutthisname is thinking of making him more of a romantic, like his father, but not a violent romantic. He is talkative and happy. He is energetic and often never takes a break to rest. He is more like his father, in total.


  • Minor water control (I.E, can control a pond at best).
  • Very good singing voice.
  • Excellent flirt.
  • Smartness.

Known Family.

  • Amberlynn, Mother.
  • Todd, Father.
  • Robyn, Sister.
  • Riley, Brother.
  • Percy, Maternal Grandfather.
  • Annabeth, Maternal Grandmother.
  • Apollo, Paternal Grandfather.
  • Sophia Hewitt, Paternal Grandfather.
  • Brendan, Maternal Half-Uncle.
  • Mackenzie, Maternal Half-Uncle.
  • Kira Castellan, Half-Sister.


  • Keenan may be based of the Keenan in Wicked Lovely, the Summer King.

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