My self-insetion! Kirsten/Diva1998 21:41, March 17, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry for people who don't know french! Κόρη του Ερμής Χριστιανόςღ 22:16, May 19, 2010 (UTC)

In some places it's really weird! But it's true that last year my class got my teacher fired!!! Κόρη του Ερμής Χριστιανόςღ 22:16, May 19, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One

"Kirsten!" my teacher, Mme Gunther yelled at me. "Reveille-toi!" (wake up!)

"Who? What? Where? When? Why?" I rambled on, just waking up after falling asleep during another boring class.

"Je parlais de la facon dont les autochtones sont venus au Canada" my teacher said. (I was talking about how the natives came to Canada)

"Um... les autchtones sont graisse?" I said, very confused. (the natives are fat?)

"Non, non, non! Tu est un nul!" she said, now very angry. (no no no! you are an idiot!)

My teacher just called me an idiot! Isn't that against the rules? I thought. But then again, that could be a good thing. Now I can get her banned from the school, like we did with my last teacher, Mr. Johnston!

"Madame........ why did you call her a turky leg?" whined the class b**** Cynthia.

"Um... Cynthia, nul means idiot" said one of my best friends; Kyra Nielsen. "She's the real idiot" Kyra mumbled to me under her breath.

Just then the principal; Mrs. Russel walks in. Normaly, I would just stay quiet, because our principal is really mean, but today, I was getting my teacher fired!

"Mrs. Russel! Mrs. Russel!" I shouted. "Mme Gunther called me an idiot!"

"Mme Gunther, is that true?"

"Well... she was sleeping in class!"

"So! It is against the rules to call students idiots!"

"But... but... but..."

"No buts! You are fired! You must never call students idiots!"

"I didn't call her an idiot!"

"Yes, she did!" the kids in my class that hate her said; which was over half of the class.

"No I didn't! I called her a nul!"

"And what does 'nul' mean?"

"Um... it means turkey leg!"

"No, it doesn't! You're fired! You have to have all your stuff out of here by four o'clock! And my desision is final!"

                    • after school **********

When I was walking home after school, I heard a loud screech. As I turned around, a claw scraped down my back. I fell to the ground, screaming in pain, but I managed to get a good glimpse of the thing.

It was half bird, half women, with small wings, but very long claws, and was extremely ugly and fat.

"Come here my pretty" the 'thing' said to me.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed bloody murder, "what the hell are you?"

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