Kelcee Spens
"Yeah, I'm a mortal... So?"
Clear Sighted
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth unknown
Current age 13
Gender female
Family unknown mortal (all family)
Status alive
Eye Color blue
Hair Color blond
Height 5'1
Alias Little Miss Artist
Affiliation New Aegens
Weapons mind, sword
Species mortal
Home New Aegens
Appearances none
Quests none

Kelcee Spens is a clear-sighted mortal


Kelcee was treasured by her parents, but she saw things that scared her a lot. It started when she went to the Zoo with her dad when she was four. In the lion cage, she saw the Chimera among them. She was terrified and convinced her dad to bring her home. She always got terrified when she saw something unusual. She met Loria, daughter of Apollo, and she brought Kelcee to CHB. Chiron let her stay there. She got a sword from the armory and made lots of demigod friends.


Kelcee has blond hair and blue eyes. She has fair skin.


Kelcee is very creative and artistic. She was labeled as her the Artist in her class. She survives the bullies that every school has.

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