Kieron Loeb
Vital statistics
Name Kieron Richard Loeb
Alias "Ricky"
Affiliation The Questing Organization
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair Color Chestnut (W/ Black Highlights)
Eye Color Silver
Species Demigod Legacy
Marital Status 2012: Single
First Appearance -

Kieron Richad Loeb is a demigod son of Athena and legacy of Loki.


Early Life

Kieron's grandmother was an active scholar who had a demigod son of Loki, whoin return became Kieron's father. Kieron always lived on the run from Olympus, who viewed his Norse and Greek blood as an abomination. When he was 12 Kieron inadvertantky arrived in the Library of Ages, a massive secret trove of knowledge long-since hidden by Athena to preserve the rare volumes. The librarians sympathetically took him in, and he spent the next few years training with any fighters that dropped in, in exchange for knowledge he had gained from his wisdom and the library's secret volumes. In time, he was a formidable foe.

The Questing Organization

However, this would coem to an end when a virus in the magic of the Library was duscovered, causing his hoem to be slowly falling apart. He went to the gods for help, but the gods took the opputunity to use this to blackmail him into joining The Questing organization, a black ops group made to do dirty little missions the Gods wnated nobody to know about.

Powers and Abilities

  • Extreme Intellect: The combined wisdom and cunning of Athena, Loki, and even Mars make Kieron probably the smartest demigod alive. However, he subconsciously blocks 50% of his intellect unless his friends have a need for it in battle.
  • Metamorphosis: In the locked 50% of his brain, Kieron can transform himself into a creature, but only in the most necessary of moments. It takes great difficulty.
  • Combatant:As all demigods, Kieron is trained in combat. He typically wields a staff, but is trained with Hammers, and Axes.




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