Kilayah with her sacred lions

Kilayah (pronounced? 'kie-LAY-ah') is a minor goddess.


Kilayah has fiery orange hair, gold eyes, and pale skin. She always wears a special dress (as she is in the picture). She always has her sacred lions and sword with her.

Goddess of what?

Kilayah is the goddess of lions and miracles and a goddess of magic. Her sacred lion, Joloin, and her cub, Layla, have magic and can change sizes. Her sword, Metus, is like a wand. It can shoot magic out of it.


Kilayah has a motherly personality. She is very protective of children. She is agressive and fierce. People say it is strange that she is so motherly yet has no children. She is a leader. She often leads the minor gods into battle. She is responsible yet fun.


  • She is the daughter of Zues and Hera.
  • Her theme song is Some Kind of Miracle by Makeshift Prodigy
  • She is said to be half of Karma. She will grant you a small miracle if you are good.
  • She has one child, Wunder Lowemann.
  • She will often go to the human world.

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