General Information

Name: Kiran Sharma

Birthday: February 3, 2063

Age as of TDD: 16

Home Location: Elmhurst, Illinois

Mother: Athena

Father: Aadarsh Sharma (age 47; professional pediatric neurologist who specializes in the advanced treatment of those with low-functioning Autism.)

Other family: N/A [TBE]

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Caramel mocha, if we're getting poetic. Otherwise, brown.

Cabin: Athena

Ethicity: Indian

Height (as of TDD): 5 ft, 9 inches.

Weight (as of TDD): 149 lbs, with a BMI of 22.0

Other Apperance: A scar that is about an inch and a half thick wraps all the way around his neck, diamond patterns clearly raised and visible. This is from a near-death experience he had with the Noose of Iphis, which, since claiming its first victim, has traveled and killed men of ungrateful maidens. Kiran stumbled upon it while doing a "self-quest" at the age of fourteen, after he researched a number of unexplained yet closely related Greek mysteries, trying to connect them, and went off on his own do to research in dangerous, mortal-forbidden and often demigod forbidden areas.

Personality: Before his "self-quest", Kiran was full-of-himself and absolutely sure he knew what was best. He had an air of knowledge and superiority about him. Now, two years later, he is weakminded and unsure of himself, refusing to make a decision unless he has futher proof it is the right one. Kiran is still wise and also incredibly smart, as is an inherited trait, but he's a lot more careful, to the point where it is hurtful as opposed to helpful. Kiran is also an pnigophobe due to his past encounters with near-death experience by hanging.

Other/Special/Etc.: Before the incident, Kiran had a lovely singing voice, a wonderfully rich tenor; after the incident of near-strangulation he can no longer sing up to the standards he was at, and this is painful for him so he no longer sings.

Strengths: He has a sharp mind that is quick to process. Despite dyslexia, he is very good with linguistics and other languages, though this is mostly spoken -- he is quadrilingual, with English, Ancient Greek, Spanish, and French on his repetoire. (Note: as this is set in the year 2079 it is a given that students of his age are at least bilingual, and as he would be fairly predisposed to Ancient Greek anyway this is not all too odd.)

Weaknesses: Kiran is unsure of himself, and often slow to act because he is afraid of making the wrong decision - something he has done before and something that almost cost him his life. Kiran also fears rejection and failure, and is often trying to impress because he feels he is not good enough, especially after his foolish mistake and failure when he went off to explore and research on his own without permission and nearly got himself killed.

Fatal Flaw: TBA





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