Chapter One

Kat's POV

I was confused. My best friend, Cassie, had disappeared. again.

I'm Katherine (Kat) Murray. I'm twelve with black hair and brown eyes.

I'm curious about everything I don't know. My Mom always warns me:

Kuriousity Killed the Kat.

Cassie Huyten is my best friend who is thirteen. She had blonde hair and gray eyes and seems to know everything.

We were so close until Last year, when she started to go to a summer camp in New York a lot.

She disappeared to much, was to mysterious, and started cursing in a language thats all greek to me.

So when she reappeared I packed my bags and followed her.

Cassie's POV

Being a daughter of Athena was hard. Especially with a mortal best friend like Kat.

My last quest had been hard and now Kat was supspicous.

I jumped on to my pegasi-pulled chariot and took to the air. I NEEDED TO ASK CHIRON WHAT TO DO.

"EEK!" I could've sworn I heard Kat scream, but I saw nothing but a blanket behind me.

I landed at Camp Half-Blood.

Chiron galloped over as I explained the problem.

"She'll never find out," he said, "Now for my medicine."

Chiron unrolled the blanket and Kat rolled out.

Kat and i stared at each other for a while, shock on our faces until Kat managed a weak smile and said, "Hi?"

Kat's POV

Chiron said angrily, "Get her out,"

"Glad to meet you to," I said as Cassie dragged me away.

I stepped out of Camp said a "Thank you," i

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