Its me a demigod

Kyle Lantian, Son of Triton

Kyle Lantian== Kyle Lantian Is a son of Triton.He was born in Wisconsin.As a child he began to notic things.Like in preschool he was attacked by a wolf. but he swore the wolf could talk.He's been in 3 different schools in the past 8 years.At school he was always excellent at track.He was always super fast.One day a cyclops tried to kill him but he was saved by a wolf named Lupa,who told him he was a son of Triton.Then Lupa gave him a Gladius and told him to go to Camp Jupiter.

At Camp Jupiter

Kyle was sent to Camp Jupiter and quickly became friends with Jason Grace and Reyna.Then one day Octavain Sent them on a quest. Kyle was never seen after that.


Kyle being a son of Triton has exponential speed,strength, and reflexes. He also has a gladius and a parazonium blade.He can alsocontrol water and any mortal who has served in the Navy.

300px-Uncrossed gladius

Kyle Atlantian Steel Gladius

Krausers Knife from RE4 by zero tx

Kyle's Stygian iron parazonium

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