Kyler Crest

Kyler is a greek demigod, a son of Poseidon.

Chace Crawford 01


Kyler is quite buff. He is taller than average. His eyes are sea-green and his hair is light brown and short.


Kyler may looks tough, but he's actually gentle and caring inside. He will do anything for his friends and is very loyal. He is not the smartest guy but is kind enough to make up for it.


Father: Poseidon, god of the seas, earthquakes and horses.

Mother: Rachel Crest, well-known writer on National Geographic, who only writes articles about the sea.

Half-sister: Tabitha Nero-Crest, an annoying ten year old girl, who Kyler hates.

Step-father: Peter Nero, a documentarist who made a famous movie about giant squid. He is neutral to Kyler.

Fatal Flaw

Excessive Personal Loyalty is Kyler's fatal flaw. This means he would sacrifice anything, even himself, to save the people he loves. He would do anything for a friend in need.


coming soon (I'm not bothered to finish it right now)


Kyler has many friends. Here are just a few:

  • Juliet Hart (has a crush on her)
  • Jake Mason from Hephaestus' cabin
  • Will Solace from Apollo's cabin
  • Butch from Iris' cabin
  • Mark from Ares' cabin
  • Starr Goldin from Hecate's cabin
  • Robin Paylor from Athena's cabin (Best Friend)


Kyler has more powers than the average son of Poseidon.

  • Hydrokenisis
  • Water strengthens him
  • He can telepathically talk with equestrian and aquatic animals
  • He can summon small hurricanes
  • He can teleport himself to any body of water in the world, but the farther away it is, the more energy it takes from him (unique for a son of Poseidon)


Kyler possesses a trident that he can call to him when he needs it. He also uses his powers as weapons, as he can easily make a sword out of water.


Song(s): How I Became the Sea (Owl City), 'Swallowed in the Sea' (Coldplay)

Color(s): sea-green, deep blue, turquoise

Animal: Stallion, beluga whale

Food: Sour gummy worms

Drink: Sprite

Ice-cream flavor: Bubblegum

Gods/Godesses: Poseidon, Triton, Hephaestus

Weather: Stormy

Time of day: Evening

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