Kylie Deere
Daughter of Demeter
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth April 21, 1999
Current age 13
Gender Female
Family William Deere (Father)

Demeter (Mother)

Joseph Mierek (Cousin)

Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'
Alias Kye
Affiliation The Olympian League
Weapons Sickle Sword
Species Demigod
Home New York

Camp Half-Blood

Appearances Coming Soon
Quests Unknown


Kylie was born to William Deere and Demeter on April 21, 1999. Her and her father lived peacefully until a pack of Hell hounds attacked. She and her father survived but Kylie had to leave for Camp Half Blood.


Kylie is 13 with wavy brown hair and green eyes. She's about 5' 3 and has a skinny yet athletic build. She wears glasses but uses contacts when she's in combat. She usually wears T-shirts and comfortable jeans.


Kylie is very shy when meeting new people but once she gets to know someone she opens right up. She is also a fierce fighter not a typical trait of children of Demeter.



  • Kylie can cause any plant to grow to maturity in the right environment.
  • She an mutate plants by rearranging their DNA.
  • She can tangle and slash at enemies with roots and vines,
  • She can command plants to shoot razor-sharp leaves or thorns.
  • She can release deadly toxins and pheromones from plants.


  • Kylie can create small earthquakes and landslides.
  • She can hurl rocks of various sizes.
  • She can open fissures in the earth.
  • She can cause different formations to emerge from the ground.


Sickle Sword- A combination sword and sickle. The first foot of the blade is straight then curves to look like a cresent moon.

Locket of Invisibility- A gift from Demeter. It allows the wearer to become completely invisible.

Rose Bracelet- The bracelet transforms into a 6' rose whip.

Plants vs Zombies Seeds- Kylie's own creation. Based off the ones from her favorite video games. They grow to full size as soon as they hit soil.


  • She and Joseph Mierek are 3rd cousins.

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