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Kyra Veronica Musika (born July 4, 1998) is a demigod daughter of Apollo

Saving Lights

This story is currently under construction.

OC's Together

She has a minor role in this story.

OC's Together 2

Kyra goes on the quest to find Michael.

If Only We Had Wings

Kyra is the triplets' deceased mother.


  • Too hard on herself.


Kyra (kee-ra) is very outgoings. She's a very picky eater, but knows that it's all in her head. She feels anxiety when faced with trying new foods. She has not been diagnosed with dyslexia or ADHD but is a demigod and likely has ADHD. Kyra hates the winter. She likes to stay up very late and sleep in as well. Kyra hates public speaking, but loves to argue. She loves music, including singing and playing the piano and the guitar.


Hair: Chocolate brown (naturally dirty blonde)

Eyes: Dark brown

Complextion: small amounts of occational acne

Height: 5'3"

Weight: She'll never tell.

Style: leggings, plaid shirts, high-waisted pants, ugly sweaters, big wooly socks, combat boots, crop-tops

Known Family

  • Apollo, father
  • Camille Musika (nee Marks), mother
  • Ric Musika, step-father
  • Annie Musika, half-sister
  • Elena Musika, half-sister
  • Jessica Anderson, half-sister
  • Other children of Apollo, half-siblings

Later On In Her Life


  • Kyra is a self-insertion
  • If she were at Hogwarts, she'd be a Hufflepuff
  • Her hair is dyed chocolate brown, but is naturally blonde
  • She sings alto on choir.
  • Musika is Music in Filipino
  • Her favourite kind of music is indie or folk
  • Kyra was a member of The Questers before her death. After her death, her children, Jean, Zia, and Arthur, take her place.

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