The second chapter of the first installment of Heroes United



Nick and Amy passed into a campground.

"Welcome to Camp Half-Blood," Amy announced. "A training camp just for demigods like you and me."

"Alright," Nick said. "And a demigod is...?"

"You know the old Greek gods and goddesses? Well, one thing all the old myths said was that the gods had a... fondness for mortals. Heracles was the son of the god Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene. Same with Theseus, Odysseus, and so on. But the part that's not as well known is that they were all true." Amy paused to look at Nick's disbelieving expression and was surprised to find that it was not there. "I am a daughter of Phobos, the minor god of fear."

"And... you think I'm a demigod too?" Nick asked.

Amy nodded. "Ever done anything out of the ordinary? All the demigods inherit some power from their immortal parent."

"Like when you turned into that guy riding a winged horse," Nick remembered. "And then you turned into a needle..."

"Bellerophon and Pegasus," Amy explained. "The first people to actually slay the chimera. I figured it would still have some fear. As for the needle, it was just luck that you were scared of those. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to turn into one. My power comes from fear."

"Hey, Amy!" a guy called. He jogged over. "Who's the new guy?"

"This is my friend Nick," Amy introduced. "Demigod, unknown parentage. Nick, this is Oz, son of Ares."

"Yeah? Nice to meet you, new guy," Oz said. "So Ames, how'd you find this one?"

"Chimera attack. He already got bit. I got the venom out, and it turns out his blood is demigod."

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