Last Man Standing (Second Cover)


Dear Survivor,

If you find this book (s) then I would recommend you to read it fast and by fast I mean real fast because the world as you may have noticed has changed a lot. This book is meant to be a helpful guide of how to survive in the world we now live in, in a world of zombies.

This book, The Last Man Standing Files, contain information never shared before and other information which you may need in the future like a To Go Bag guide, List of Survivors (Currently), Interviews with the Survivors and more. If you’re a mortal (not a demigod) then I must warn you…grab as many weapons as you can and be ready for anything. I hope this guide helps you survive and learn new ways to protect yourself.

Sincerely, Luke Vapor.

Short Story

Short Story

Canon Characters

Short Story

The Interviews

List of Known Survivors


Dead Zones

To Go Bag

Sneak Peek of Titanium

8 Facts

  1. The mist disappeared right after the infection appeared.
  2. The Olympians disappeared a day before Hades rose to power.
  3. Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter and Olympus were the first locations to be attacked right after the Underworld.
  4. Nico di Angelo was the first Canon Character to be turned into a zombie.
  5. The minor gods were attacked shortly after attacks in Olympus and the Camps.
  6. The surviving Titans stayed in hiding when the attack on the gods started and then went out of hiding to try and help overthrow Hades.
  7. South America was taken by Hades and is now the worst continent to live in.
  8. Many monsters were altered into even worst creatures (Example: Hellhounds into creatures similar to Werewolves).

Meet the Authors

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