Laura Veto~little girl

Laura as a little girl. Before she left her mother.

Laura Veto-1-2--

After change

Laura Veto-2-2--

Before change

Laura Veto-1-

After change.

Laura Veto-2-

Before change.

Laura Veto (born May 21, 1993) is a demigod daughter of Hermes.

Forever Is A Long Time

Laura Veto ran away from home at the age of five! Now she's all alone.


Laura has a big attitude. She uses many threts. She lives off of what she steals. Like all children of Hermes, she is a talented stealer.

Known Family

-Hermes, father

-Marie Veto, mother

-Luke Castellan, half-brother

-Conner Stoll, half-brother

-Travis Stoll, half-brother

-Other children of Hermes


-She knows how to use a gun

-She can drive Vespas, ATVs, cars, and boats (no licence)

-She can hail taxis really quick.

-She has a fake ID

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