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Leah Carter is a daughter of Demeter and Aella's best mortal/demigod friend.


Leah has brown/hazel eyes.

A God's Crime: Discovery and Hidden

She is introduced as Aella's friend, and is curious about what she's hiding.

A God's Crime: Found and New

She goes on a quest with Aella and Mark, a son of Hermes, to the Princess Andromeda. There, Aella's true identity is discovered, and she is the one who gets to tell camp, for Mark was killed. At the end, she is the one to discover Aella leaving after losing her immortality.

A God's Crime: A Choice of the Titan God

At the beginning, she wishes she had convinced Aella to stay. She is not seen until the end, where she is injured and almost killed by an enemy demigod, but is saved by Katie Gardner. Then, they are attacked by Aella, and, just before she is hit with a piece of glass, Aella uses her powers to protect her, and it shows that she still cares about some of the dmeigods she left behind.

At the end, it is said that she is ok and that she and Aella are friends again.


  • Leah is the name of one of Hazelcat's friends.

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