The Leagcies is an organization founded by the eldest children of the Seven(and some kid they picked up).

The three rules to be in the Legacies:

  1. Must be a legacy, ex. son or daughter of 2 demigods(qauter blood(Perseus Jackson)), parent must be a descendent of agod or demigod and god(Frank Zhang or Rick(his(link>^^^^^^^^^^) mom is a daughter of Hermes), or descendent of a god(s)(Octivan).
  2. Must exist atleast in the year 2028+.
  3. Age must be atleast 13 years young.


  • Founders: Perseus Jackson, Charlie Valdez, haven't thought of any other names, and Rick.
  • Leader(roman terms: Legatus legionis) .: Perseus Jackson
  • Scribe: Me (Eric Willams) and Dante Munoz (fake names)
  • Commanders(roman terms: Tribunus laticlavius) : Charlie Valdez and the other children of the Seven(still hadn't thought of the names)
  • Capts.(roman terms:Dux): Open,Open,Open,Open,Open
  • Legionaries: Open _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


  • Based on a roman legion and U.S. army.

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