Leigh M

Leigh Katherine Marksman (born October 30 1996) is a currently unclaimed demigod.

Looking Out The Back Door.

Leigh appears in chapter two, watching the movie Chicago with her mother.

She gets in the car when ordered and does what she's told.

She stands in the middle of the Hellhound fight along with the Laistrygonian giant one.

Finally, Leigh, Chris, and Alec make it to camp.


Leigh has dark blonde hair (like Dawn!) and dark eyes. Her eyes may be blue or hazel, it's hard to tell. She has tanned skin and likes to wear colourful clothing.


Leigh is an outgoing girl who is bubbly and smart. When she's angry, she can be terrifying. She is really quite nice and easy-going. She's a go-with-the-flow kind of girl.

Known Family.


  • Leigh is named after a friend of TATN's that went to a writing class with her.

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