Leila Smith


Mother: Brianna Sumlin Father: Poseidon


Sword or bow and arrow


Hair Color" Black Eye color: Green Height: 6,5


Camp-Half-Blood Poseidon's cabin




controls water anything that Percy Jackson can do


Peagasus named hershey


Leila Sumlin is the daughter of Poseidon and Brianna Sumlin. She was brought to camp-half-blood after Bri

anna died of cancer by Poseidon. Leila was 1 years old when she was brought to camp. As only child of Poseidon she was raised by Chiron and Mr. D who dotes on her all the time. When she was 7 she moved to Poseidon's cabin.

As of 2013 she is 18 and one of the eldest campers in camp-half-blood.  Leila has black hair and green eyes (Percy is not in this book) her most common outfit is a green long tanktop and black leggings and boots.

Since Poseidon created horses Leila has her own Peagasus named Hershey who she loves.


Brianna Sumlin: Brianna died when Leila was 1 so Leila does not know much about her

Poseidon: Poseidon visits Leila 4 times a month and he gives her everything she wants and he loves Leila. He and Leila have a very good and strong relationship.

Mr. D: Mr. D dotes on Leila very much and is very very very protective of her

Chiron: Raised Leila along with Mr. D and has a good relationship with her but unlike Mr. D he is willing to let Leila be free

Hershey: Leila's trusty black peagasus who she got when she was 3 and learned how to ride a peagasus Leila has a fantastic relationship with Hershey.

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