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Lena Lohse
Daughter of Thanatos
Oldest Lohse Child
Mixed 3/4 Blood
Species 3/4 Blood
Gender Female
Status TBA
Age 17
Date of Birth 3/12
Date of Death TBA
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Medium Brunette
Height 5'5"
Build Slim
Pantheon Greek & Norse Hybrid
Home TBA
Affiliation The Greek Gods, Olympus, The Norse Gods
Birthplace Esbjerg, Denmark
Mother Anne Lohse
Father Thanatos
Brother Lucian Lohse
Brother Seth Lohse
Sister Stella Lohse
OC Group None
Native Language Danish
Second Language Ancient Greek
Other Languages Spoken English
Creator Capn Rin Scotts
Main Story Save Me (Main Page)




Hyper Connection [Source]


The user can make a connection with another creature or being, creating a bond that will be unbreakable. When this bond becomes stronger, the user and his/her creature can hit impressive levels of strength. Users can perform powerful combined attacks.


  • If the bond is corrupted the user will never be able to hit the higher level of power.
  • The feelings shared must be equal in both sides.

Hyper Manipulation [No Source]


The user can control the levels of energy within a creature or being, and when completely focused--or with mastery of this ability--can make one's heart beat so fast that it sends them into a heart-attack that can even be fatal. It can be the exact other way around, as well.

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