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Lena Alicia Melanie Zilkersen (born May 17, 1998) is a demigod daughter of Maia.


Lena was born to Maia on May 17. She is the sister of Hermes and has a younger brother who is also Maia's. It shows how much Maia loved Robert Zilkersen. She was given up by her father to her aunt, along with her brother, who has loved her and cared for her.


Surprisingly, Lena looks more like her divine brother, Hermes than anyone else. She has ice-blue eyes and salt and peppered blonde hair. Pretty much saying in simple English, Lena has blonde hair with dark streaks. She has fairly pale skin and is a fairy late-bloomer.


Until Thinkaboutthisname writes a little more on Lena, we won't know her personality. It can be assumed though, that she is a badly behaved child and is mischievous.

Known Family.


  • Lena's two middle names are real names of people Thinkaboutthisname knows, both her cousins.

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