Lenore (born March 3, 1987) is one of the main characters from the story Three Years Before.


Little is known about Lenore's true background. She has no recollection of her real parents, having grown up in the Crystallis Academy all her life after she was out into the care of Hang Jebat; one of the school instructors.

At the welcome ball, Lenore is asked by Loire and Michael Yew to try and attempt to get the anti-social Luke to participate in the party's climax; the waltz. She successfully does so, but leaves halfway after noticing something amiss happening outside.

Appearance and Personality

Lenore is 15 and about 161 cm tall at the beginning of the series. She has black hair that reaches to the middle of her back.

She is openhearted and honest about her feelings and says what it comes down to without hiding anything.

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