General Information

Name: Liana Ramos (she has no middle name)

Birthday: August 22, 2061

Age as of TDD: 17

Home location: Logan, West Virginia

Mother: Carmen Ramos (age 38, born March 29, 2041)

Father: Apollo

Other family: her older half-brother Elon (age 19, born December 6, 2059); her younger half-sister Gabriella (age 12, born May 7 2067); and younger half-brother Jesus (age 6, born October 9, 2072). Though these are all her half-siblings, they are all half-siblings through her mother. Liana is the only demigod of them.

Hair color: Black, a bit past her shoulders

Eye color: Brown

Skin color: Tan/olive-esque

Cabin: Seven (7); shared with fifteen other siblings.

Ethnicity: Mexican/hispanic

Height (as of TDD): 5 ft, 7 in

Weight (as of TDD): 137 lbs; BMI of 20.7

Other Appearance: The muscles in her arms and back are very built from wielding a bow and arrow from a young age.

Personality: Liana is spiteful and cynical because she grew up in a dysfunctional family. She envies what she could not have--childish innocence--and tries to protect this, especially in the form of Noah (and somewhat Erin and Morgan) in The Demigod Diaries. She's sweet when not threatened, though, but she does have a lot of natural leadership capabilities. She's got the mothering skills because of her two younger siblings, but she's got the "arse kicking" skills from having to fight her way through a fairly dysfunctional family. Liana is also very go, go, go.

Powers (if any): She's very good with a bow and arrow. Also, just like all Apollo kids, by singing a hymn in ancient Greek to their father, they can heal many (though not all) wounds. As an apology for perving on her best friend, Diana Reichenbach, Apollo gave Liana a quiver full of magic arrows that will flame at the tip if she says the right incantation. These arrows will replenish; however, she must go through the proper ritual and sacrifice for this to happen, which takes time, and is therefore not ideal for a battle situation. Finally, Liana have a very beautiful singing voice (this is not a proper 'power', but Kiran is beyond jealous), and often has a strong "gut feeling" about when something is about to happen, because Apollo is the god of prophecy.

Strengths: Liana is a good archer and have motherly tendencies; in addition, she can stay on task.

Weaknesses: Sometimes Liana cannot see the bigger picture. She is also so focused on the task at hand and on moving ahead that she often misses key details, and ignores what others have to say about a certain situation in order to keep the group moving forward, even if that is not necessarily the best thing to do.

Fatal flaw: Pride





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