my submission for the Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki Contest.

Noel Likiki

 In the Near Future

I sat down in front of the younger campers. It was a night where they were restless. Tucker, a 5 year old son of Ares, sat on my lap. They wanted me to tell a story. I had the perfect one in mind. I hushed the children and started my story. "I was miserable. My best friend, Lina, had just gone on a quest and died. Her body was brought back by her father, Hermes, and we set her shrine, a blue embroidered with electric blue birds with a cadeceus in the middle, on fire. Now it was Valentine's Day, her favorite holiday. She loved the feeling of love in the air. But i wasnt feeling it. Thinking about her...I couldn't without breaking down. Lina was my best friend. We did absoloutly everything together. Now, maybe i should stop talking about her. It's getting me emotional. I'll tell you what I did that first Valentine's Day without her..."

Valentine's Day, 2013

Camp Half Blood

I stood up, putting on my camp shirt and a pair of jeans. I was a year round camper. I walked outside, my sword on my hip. It was only a week after Lina was killed. I wiped off my eyes and put my chin up. I gripped her necklace which Chiron gave me, a leather band with an electric blue bead. Blue was her favorite color. I walked over to the small river in the camp and soaked my feet, sitting on a large rock. "hi there!" 

i jumped and turned. There was a boy my age with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes standing there. "You.. You're Noel Likiki! I recognize you! You don't look very different than you did when you were 12."

I concentrated on his face and realized he did look familiar... Then, one of my flashbacks happened.

Janurary 3rd, 2010

Lady Margerat's Home for the Abandoned and Orphaned


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