Lily with her staff

"Have you ever been strangled by moonlight? Well, if you don't shut up, you're gonna!"

~ Lily when people annoy her

Liliana Moon, often called Lily, is the daughter of Artemis. She is a member of the Oathbreakers and was sent on the quest to retrieve the Elemental Stones.


Lily has black hair and silver eyes. She has fair skin with a few freckles across her face. She usually wears street type clothes, mostly black and aqua. She wears dresses a lot, but she always wears sneakers with them. Some times she wears arm bands. She has a necklace around her neck with a moon charm, which is her staff in disquise.


Lily is calm and happy most of the time. But when she gets angry, she's known as "Dark Side of the Moon", as she goes on a rampage and her personality is dark. She also is very focused, as she must be to use the staff in a battle.

Friends and Family

Diana- mother, goddess of the moon and the hunt

Lionel Moon- father, mortal

Shawn Froste- friend, member of the Oathbreakers

Demetrio DeSanta- friend, leader of the Oathbreakers

Shimaru Robson- friend, member of the Oathbreakers

Josh McLean- friend, went on quest to retrieve Elemental Stones

Weapons and powers

Luna- her bow and arrow, given to her by her mother

staff- she has a staff with a moon lantern at the end. She is an expert in the staff. The lantern does not always show up, only when she needs light.

control over moonlight- she can control moonlight and make it solid enough to be used as rope or spare arrows.

transportation- she can transport herself and anyone/thing she is touching to where the moon is showing

tranformation- Lily can change into moonlight and fly at amazing speeds


Lily was born on December 18, 1994. At age 9, she was attacked by a gorgon and a hellhound. She had already befriended a satyr. She had taken martial arts classes, so she already knew how to use a staff that had mysteriously appeared at her doorways on her 8th birthday. They defeated the monsters and made their way to CHB from Minnesota. It took them a few days. She went on the quest for the elemental stones at age 15. She joined the task force after that, and when it split from the camps she was devestated, but had friends in the Oathbreakers.


1. She is also known as the Dark Side of the Moon when she is angry.

2. She is the only daughter of Artemis.

3. She hates people who talk too much.

4. She doesn't get along well with most of the Apollo campers.

5. She is one of the best archers at CHB.

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