Lilith, around age fourteen. She takes after her mother highly.

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Lilith Sally Bianca Jackson (born April 29, 2011) is the Quarter-Blood daughter of Percy and Thalia.


Before Lilith's birth, Percy had caught Annabeth cheating on him with Luke. They broke up and Thalia tried to comfort him. Being a Hunter, she had to refuse the affection of men. Finally, she quit the Hunters and fell in love with Percy. She took on his last name as a sign of affection for him. And mostly to erase her past. When Lilith was born, Thalia wanted to name her Bianca, after the fallen Huntress. Percy wanted to name her Sally, after his mother. They finally used the two names as middle names and agreed upon Lilith. So far, she's been an difficult child.


Lilith was a child that you always had to watch. You couldn't take your eyes off her for ten seconds. She is troublesome and often very rude or sour. She has a soft side, especially around her little sister, Serena. She is quiet, shy even at times. Her temper is short and can be set off at any time. She is a lot like her mother. She acts like her mother when she was her age. One of the things that offsets Lilith from the crowd is her mood-swings. She can go from happy to sad to angry to confused in seconds.She likes the band Green Day a lot.


No one can tell whose looks Lilith got more of. Percy or Thalia. She has short black hair, like her fathers, that she likes to streak with darker, more punk or Gothic colours. She has pale skin, and a few freckles around her nose. Her eyes are green, like her fathers. Her style is punk-like clothing and chains. She wears fake piercings until Percy will allow her to get them, the same age she's allowed to start dating.

Known Family.

  • Thalia, Mother.
  • Percy, Father.
  • Serena Jackson, Little sister.
  • Poseidon, Grandfather.
  • Zeus, Grandfather.
  • Hades, Grand-Uncle.
  • Tyson, Half-uncle.
  • Sally Blofis (nee, Jackson), Grandmother.
  • Mrs. Grace, Grandmother.
  • Paul Blofis, Step-Grandfather.
  • Any relatives of Zeus and Poseidon.


  • Lilith's name means child of the night.
  • Thinkaboutthisname realized that no one ever paired Thalia and Percy together. She decided to create their child together, maybe their entire family. At first it was supposed to be a one-night-stand went wrong, like in Nine Months. But then the story took a life of it's own and Lilith was created.
  • Thinkaboutthisname sees Thalia and Percy's relationship somewhat like that of Stefan Griffin and April Wilson. But with more real love.

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