Lillian Philips
Lillian Philips
Daughter of Friendship
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth January 30, 1983
Current age 17
Gender Female
Family Philia (Divine Mother)
William Philips (Mortal Father)
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'7"
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
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Species Demigod
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Appearances Diplomacy: Impossible
Quests None

Lilian Philips is the demigod child of the goddess of friendship, Philia, and a mortal man named William. She was sent to Camp Half-Blood when she was 10 after several monster attacks she doesn't remember.


Lilian likes to wear a purple shirt with a light, white overshirt, blue jeans and purple sneakers. She has long brown hair that almost reaches her waist with light pink ribbons and brown eyes.


A lover of music she is almost always within earshot of the more musically gifted demigods, and when they're not around she has an old CD Player her dad had given her a few years after she was sent to Camp Half-Blood. Lilian, befitting her divine mother, is very friendly and always tries to settle any kind of dispute or disagreement that she finds out about and absolutely detests fighting. She is also a part of the welcoming committee to welcome new demigods to Camp Half-Blood. Her fatal flaw is a need to please everyone and trying to make everyone be friends.


William Philips is a delegate to Greece, where he met Philia after dating for a few years William was sent back to New York where he thought he'd never see Philia again. Then one day Lilian showed up on his doorstep with a note telling him that she was his daughter and that Philia is the goddess of friendship. He happily raised Lilian until she was ten, when one too many monster attacks almost cost both of their lives. Hoping to save his daughter William sent her to Camp Half-Blood where she has been ever since.


Diplomacy: Impossible


Fílos (φίλος, Friend): a celestial bronze sword made for Lillian by the Hephastus Cabin. The name was given to it rather ironically due to Lillian's hatred of violence and fighting. However, Lillian won't get rid of it as it was a gift and it has saved her life on multiple quests.

Powers and Abilities

Friendly Aura: Lilian, being a daughter of Philia, can turn enemies to friends, friends to best-friends and Best-Friends into relationships. Though to a lesser extent than just being around Cabin #27, as it takes longer for this to take effect around just Lilian.

Accomplished Swordsman: though she dislikes violence, she has become quite capable of handling her own in a swordfight.


  • Lilian Philips will be appearing in a story I'm going to write that takes place before the events of Rick Riordan's stories

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