Lina G

Lina Janessa Grace (born June 7, 2019, age 9) is a quarter blood daughter of Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan.

Fear In The Dark.

Lina and her half sister Charlotte save Sophia.

Lina hates being called eight years old.


Even though Luke has been happily married to Annabeth for quite some time now, he still loves Thalia. He can't get over her. Finally, he hooked up with her and they had a one night stand. Lina was the result. She was named Lina because it means delicate. She was a delicate baby but has toughened up.


Lina is very self-conscious. She wears glasses because without them, she wouldn't be able to see a thing. Her eyes are a mixture between the two blues. She has some electric, some ice. Her skin is fair. Her hair is short and black. She is a child so she is still prepubescent. She likes to dress as a boy.


Still young, Lina's personality is under construction. She is nice enough but very insecure and self-conscious. She's at that point in life where she's trying to act mature. But truly, she misses playing with toys. She is funny and loves to play tricks.Her favorite color is black.She has acrophobia, like her mother. (A/N:: Acrophobia is the fear of heights.)

Known Family.

  • Thalia Grace, Mother.
  • Luke Castellan, Father.
  • Zeus, Maternal grandfather.
  • Hermes, Paternal Grandfather.
  • May Castellan, Deceased Paternal Grandmother.
  • Mrs. Grace, Deceased Maternal Grandmother.
  • Annabeth Castellan (nee Chase), Aunt/Stepmum.
  • Charlotte Castellan, Stepsister.
  • Sophia di Angelo, Stepsister.
  • Lydia di Angelo, Stepsister.
  • Any other relatives of Hermes or Zeus, Relatives.


  • Lina is named after a real person Thalia (TATN) knows.

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