Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith is a daughter of Hepheastus. She is age 18. Her homeworld is Olympian Manhattan, but she now resides in Alegesia


Lindsey is the only known daughter of Hepheastus, and as thus often feels out of place with the generally male members of her cabin. One day 3 years ago, she noticed cabin 3 inmate, and unknown to most God, Zoe Jackson going through a strange portal. Following her, she ended up in the world of Alegesia, the world of Eragon. Traveling for a while, she stumbled upon a orange stone, but this stone hatched. The stone, or egg as it was held a dragon, which she named Heppa. Stumbling upon Zoe again, she was taken to the riders, led by Eragon Shadeslayer. There she began her training, but her skills with forges impressed Rhunon the smith, and she also began to learn the art of fashioning rider blades. She and her fellow riders are a important part of the new war against Kronos's cross world threat

She later helped find a bright steel mine in Olympian Manhattan. She also assisted Jayfeather in fighting off Kronos with Heppa, but barely managed to harm him before he left.


As a daughter of Hephestus, she has amazing building skills. After comming in contact with Heppa's egg, she gained immortality, enhanced strength and an ability to use Eragonical magical skills. Her Dragon, Heppa is able to breathe fire and fly, as well as a balance to her personality. She is also one of only two people in the universe with the skill to forge rider blades. Like all children of Hepheasus, she is scared of heights, so she flies low to the ground. Also magic drains her, but this is the case with all magic users. Together with the feline keyblade master Jayfeather, she can just match Kronos, enough to hold him for a brief time that is.


  • I am still making her personality
  • She is the only current DemiGod rider, and only one of two who comes from another world. Also she is the only Demigod who doesn't live in Olympian Manhattan
  • She's a v*r*in

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