Lira Manning

Thank you miss

don't mess with lira if you want to live.

Godly parent Hades
height 4'12
hobbie skateboarding
age 13
mortal parent karren manning(adoptive)
real mother Ashly malkara(deseased)
hair colour black
eye colour grey
birth day October 21

life of a runaway

when she was 6 she ranaway beacause she couldn't take it anymore. Things kept attacting her, and she really didn't have any friends. She never made A's. She useally paid no attention like most demi-gods. Her step-mother never did anything wrong but she knew Lira was diffrent. Her real mother died giving birth. While walking home from school Isabella finds her in an alley crying. Her clothes were tattered and she was scratched up and bruised from head to toe. She had been using a broze tipped hammer to defend her self. Isabella takes her home and she and her mom treat her like family. Even though shes little she can pack a punch.

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