This is a lis of Possible Futures and Alternate Realities.

Mainstream Timeline

Featuring The Questers, The Heroes Organization, and 90% of Ocs.

Alternate Universes

Torches Pocket Dimension (Earth-?)

In which Katherine (Kat) Murray died and The Torches of Nemesis were formed.

Clockwork Pocket Dimension (Earth-?)

A radically different THO exists, and the mainstream THo is known as the Clockwork Organization. Is connected to the Godslingers 300 possiblle future due to the temporal anomaly known as Melvin Reynolds.

The Olympian League AU (Earth-865)

In which Percy Jackson formed a massive army.

The Hourglass AU (Earth-?)

A world which is destroyed, leading to the survivors banding together as the world-hopping The Hourglass.

Last Man Standing AU (Earth-567)

A terrible disease infects most of the population in the world turning them into horrible creatures. The gods disappear for an unknown reason.

Doom-Verse AU (Earth-???)

A world where the titans attacked in 1993 and wiped half the world out. In the attack, all mortals were made clearsighted and Camp Half-Blood is based in The Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.

Possible Futures

Power of Three Future

A future centric around a future Questers group, particularly the children of Michael Johnson and Kyra Musika.

TQO Future

A post-apocalyptic future where the remains of the Questers and THO must band together. Not to be confused of the big two's backup of the same name.

The Godslingers 300 Future

A future centric around a new generation of The Godslingers. Connected to the Clockwork pocket dimension through Melvin Reynolds.

The Intruder's Future

A post-apocalyptic future where the Intruder was created by the fusion of Erebus and some of the most powerful heroes.

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