A songfic for Todderlynn. Using the song 'Love Is War (English)' by Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid, translated by Rockleetist. That was a run on sentence XD Todd's POV, may change. TATN / Thalia! 00:52, March 2, 2010 (UTC) thumb|right|294px|I thank that girl for her amazing voice and for spending the time dubbing and subbing it.

Love Is War.

I just cannot take it any more

Please hear my scream of love for you!



The big blue sky, it's like a big taunting sign;

"You're not with her"

As I look down at my feet

I patiently wait for something to just occur

Ah, the world is slowly falling apart

But even so, my love for you will still shine

Please understand, I'm letting go of that

But how do I make you see this secret code of mine?

I'm a fool

But I will-

Protect you 'till I am sore

Because this is a war!

There is no way I'll watch you at this distance any more!

I will make my love heal every pain that you feel

Please trust me because my affection for you is all real!


No matter how loud I try to yell your name

I can't do it

One more try to force your name

Out of my lips

I wonder, 'will you hear it'?

Ahh, the dawn is slowly closing on us

But gods can't you just somehow stop the flow of time?

I just want to

Make sure she understands the feeling

I have inside

Is that such a crime?

I can see you there, you're not within my reach

'*Whispers* But I will-

Protect you 'till I am sore!

Because this is a war!

Just imply because there is

No time to choose any more!

I will somehow beloved,

Show you I truly love!

I will defend you like the angels

Sent from gods above!


This is the final blow!

This battle rage will not end because it can only grow!

Remember! That love is war!

Until this song has reached your ears

So you know you're adored!


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