Lucas Lyons
Son of Aesclepius
Grandson of Apollo
Healing Mastermind
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 4/7/95
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Aesclepius- Dad, April Lyons- Mom
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blondish Brown
Height 5 ft 11"
Alias Asa
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood, Medic Lab
Weapons Axes, Longbow, Different Draughts, Daggers
Species Demigod
Home Aesclepius' Cabin
Appearances None
Quests None

== Lucas is 15 years old and the son of April Lyons, a Pharmacist. His father is Aesclepius, the God of Healing. He is a grandchild of Apollo and the great grandchild of Zeus. Since he arrived at Camp Half-Blood when he was 11, he has been on 3 quests.

  • The First one was to retrieve the reed pipes of Pan to revoke the spirits of the wild.
  • The Second quest was to find out where the in-hiding Telekhines where hiding and warn them to stay away
  • The Third Quest was to stop Nyx from covering the world in complete darkness.


When Lucas enlisted in Camp Half-Blood he was shown to the Armoury to pick out his weapons, not only did he recieve specific daggers for the Children of Aesclepius which contained a mixture of healing potions brewed by

Axes concept by asahisuperdry-d496or1

Aesclepius and Hygeia themselves. As well as daggers, in Lucas's arsenal he has a Sword which he took from the caves of the Telekhines, made from a mixture of Imperial Gold and Celestial Bronze, made for Ares but Lucas took it. He also has a Longbow and a quiver of arrows given to him by Will Solace when he found out he was a descendant of Apollo. Once he was trained he was an ace archer. Lucas has a favoured weapon, he is skilled with Axes. Chiron has said that he was surprised Lucas was not a child of Ares or Pallas as he has never seen anyone with exceptional fighting skills. Not only is he an exceptional fighter but a good healer.

Powers and His Helpful hands

As a child of Aesclepius, Lucas has the power to produce and brew exceptional healing potions and lotions. He is vengeful person and keeps his word. In one instant he walked into a part of the forest where the dangerous monsters abide. He took on a giant serpent, but instead of killing it he concocted a paralysis potion and paralysed the serpent and dragged it back to Camp to Chiron and asked for it to be examined to see how deadly the monster was to the campers. Chiron then ordered the Satyrs and a few cyclops to build an examination laboratory and then appointed Lucas as the head of Examinations as well as a 2 children from the Apollo cabin, 3 from the Panacea cabin, 2 from the Hygeia cabin and 4 from the Aceso cabin. All of these act as surgeons, Doctors, Nurses and other Doctoral beings at camp and are the ones who examine monsters.

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