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Lydia Minerva di Angelo (born January 4, 2016, age 11) is a quarter-blood daughter of Nico di Angelo. Her mother is unknown.


Lydia has olive-toned skin, like her father with a hint of tan. She has wavy dark-brown hair and is already stealing her sister's mascara, lip gloss, and earrings. She likes to wear more girly clothing and jewellery. Her eyes are stormy grey with a little flecks of brown in them. She is often mistaken for a relative of Athena, not Hades. Still being young, she is mostly flat-chested, just starting to grow.


Even though she is the granddaughter of fearless Hades, Lydia has a huge fear of spiders. She likes to draw and design and invent. When she grows up, she wants to be an inventor. She is quiet, shy, and collective. Her favourite colour is lavender purple.

Powers And Flaw.

  • Super smart.
  • Amazing artistic talent.
  • Can Shadow Travel.
  • Can Summon/talk to the dead.
  • Can perform one soul exchange a year.

Lydia's fatal flaw is Hubris. She believes she can rebuild anything. She believes that she can find her mother and either bring her back or get her to love Nico again. For more information on Hubris, check out Annabeth Chase's page on the wiki!

Known Family.

  • Nico di Angelo, father.
  • Sophia di Angelo, older sister.
  • Maria di Angelo, paternal grandmother, deceased.
  • Hades, paternal grandfather.
  • Annabeth Jackson (nee chase), Mother.
  • Athena, maternal grandmother.
  • Frederick Chase, maternal grandfather.
  • Unborn baby, niece/nephew.
  • Charlotte Castellan, Half-sister.
  • Lina Grace, Cousin.


  • If this doesn't giver their mother away, what will?
  • Lydia's name means noble kind. A lot like her mother *HINT-HINT-NUDGE-NUDGE*

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