"Jason?" Mom asked. "Are you okay?"

I looked around the place. Non of these stuff seemed important or something to me.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Your father," My mom started sobbing. "Oh, Jason, this is all my fault. I's so stupid."


"Jason, your father, you look so alike. He loves you very much. He really cared about you. I was stupid to call him a liar."

"Mom!" I said. "You're not stupid! You're an amazing person!"

"Look at your arm," She said.

I followed her. My arm felt weak, numb. It was bleeding, and I saw a few scars.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You tried to stop him, but he hit you too hard."

"Why don't I remember this?"

Mom cried some more. "I erased your memory."

"What?" I said. "Mom, thats, thats-"

"Stupid, I know. I didn't want him to take you."


"Your father." She said. "He wanted you to go to a Summer Camp for kids like you."

"Um, abnormal kids?"

"No, Jason, for special kids like you. He said the cyclopes want you dead. He said, you'll be an important tool to Hecate."

"Mom, I don't speak dad you know."

She smiled as she kissed forehead. "i know."

Then, I felt the ground rumble. Mom held me tight.

"Its time."

She got a bag and started packing my clothes in it. She removed a notebook and gave it to me.

"Go," She said.

"Where? And I can't leave you!"

She smiled. "Go, Jason, You know where."

With that, she pushed me out of the window.

I ran and ran and ran. What on earth did she mean?

Soon, I bumped into a girl.

She had short spiky hair and dark, dazzling blue eyes. She wore a shirt that said BOYS ARE DAMN STUPID and there was a picture of a boy being stabbed. Ouch.

"Jason Black?" She asked. I nodded

"Chrion sent us to find you. Come with us."

I followed her.

We walked for hours. I was super sleepy.

Soon, we found a camp.

"Camp Half-Blood, a place for people like us."

"My mom," I muttered.

She looked at me. "You're lucky that your mom loves you. My mom hated me. She even killed my brother.'

"I'm sorry." I replied, patting her back.

"You aren't so bad. I hope I'll see you again." She said as she ran.

I watched her run into the darkness.

"Camp Half Blood." I said as I walked up the hill.

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