250px-Thumb Makhai
Demons of Tartarus
Warriors of Ouranos
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown
Current age Unknown
Gender None
Family Ouranos (Creator/Master)
Status Undead
Eye Color Red
Hair Color None
Height 8ft
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Ouranos
Weapons Any
Species Monster
Home Tartarus
Appearances The Dark Storm Awakening
Quests None

 The Makhai, in Greek Mythology, are the gods or spirits of battle and combat. In The Corvin Series, the Makhai are evil souls combined together by the god Ouranos. They also serve as Ouranos' personal army.

The Corvin Series

The Dark Storm Awakening


They have two upper bodies attached by the backs, and two heads. The Makhai's weapons of choice are four short blade swords, two in each hand, which they use by spinning and changing the side they are facing constantly in battle.

The Makhai's skin look charred and corroded look, and their faces look slightly deformed. There are lines of lava on the Makhai's skin. Both of the heads wear a helmet, but the head on the right wears a helmet with a plume, and is less muscular than the left head. The Makhai's skin seems to be made of volcanic rock. The right upper body wears a loincloth, while the left upper body wears proper leg armor.


  • Pyrokinesis: They are able to create and control fire. Their bodies also radiate heat to weaken their enemies.
  • Fighting Skills: They are dangerously skilled warriors that can take out several platoons of warriors alone.

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