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Maria Bianca Silena di Angelo is a three-year-old quarter blood daughter of Nico di Angelo and Allison Victor.

Life As A Single Dad.

Maria appears in LAASD squealing and playing with barbies.


Maria looks a lot like her mother. She has blonde, darkening, hair and slightly olive-toned skin. Her eyes are a darker shade of blue than her mothers and in different light, often seem green or hazel. Every day, she has her hair done in a different way.


It can be highly assumed that Maria takes after her mother in personality too. She is fairly nice and energetic but can be quite calm at times too. She likes the colour purple a lot. She also is quite talkative and shy at times.

Known Family.

  • Allison Victor, Mother.
  • Nico di Angelo, Father.
  • Liam di Angelo, Twin Brother.
  • Hermes, Maternal Granddad.
  • Norma Victor, Maternal Grandmother.
  • Hades, Paternal Granddad.
  • Maria di Angelo, Paternal Grandmother, Deceased.
  • Bianca di Angelo, Paternal Aunt, Deceased.
  • Other children of Hermes or Hades, Half-Uncles.


  • Maria is taken from Sparrowsong's Maria, from the original LAASD.
  • Maria is named after her deceased grandmum, deceased aunt, and deceased... Well, Silena Beauregard because Nico thought she that damn pretty.

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