Mary Quinn

Mary Quinn is a mortal woman.

Hell Is For Children

Mary got married to Dean Quinn. He had a four-month-old daughter, Elena Quinn, from his affair with the goddess Athena. Mary promised to raise Elena as her own daughter. Dean and Mary never had any children of their own.

When Elena was about five, Mary had a very brief affair with Ares (it lasted about two days) and got pregnant. She had a daughter named Olivia Quinn. Since Mary was acting as a mother to Elena, Dean told his wife that he would treat Olivia as his. This promise was later broken.

Dean left Mary for another woman. Mary was so angry that she started drinking, as well as abusing her daughter and stepdaughter.

Elena and Olivia ran away at nine and four years old respectively. Mary is most likely still living in the house Elena and Olivia grew up in.


Mary is 5'5 and 145 lbs. She has pale skin, green eyes, and golden hair. She is said to resemble an older version of Olivia, her only natural daughter.


Not much is known about Mary's personality. Before Dean left, she was a kind mother to Elena and Olivia. After Dean left, though, Mary became angry and violent.

Known Family

  • Dean Quinn (Ex-husband)
  • Elena Quinn (Stepdaughter)
  • Olivia Quinn (Daughter)
  • Ares (Former lover, father of her daughter)


  • Sparrowsong imagines her with the same voice as Luanne from King of the Hill.

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