Mathias K

Mathias Viggo K'øhler '(born March 29, 1992) is a currently unclaimed demigod

Dream On

Mathias makes an appearance in Dream On as an antagonist.

He kidnapps Eliska and brings her to Luke. He takes part in a fight between Alena and Luke, being knocked out.

It is undetermined whether he reformed and came back to camp or stayed on Luke's side.

Castle On A Cloud

It is undetermined what part Mathias will take in this story.

He does make an appearance, coming to camp and fighting with Eírik and losing.

Any Way The Wind Blows

Mathias will make numerous appearances.

His first is coming to camp and confessing an old crush on Alena. He asks her to join the Titans, which she refuses.

Mathias comes back and talks to Alena, holding her while she cries. It is undetermined whether he stays or goes back to the Titans.

Why Not Me?

Mathias makes an appearance as the main character. It is mostly about his love for Alena and how he waits for her to realize that he's the right one for her.

It is a partial song-fic with the song 'Why Not Me?' by Alexander Rybak.


Mathias is usually dying his hair different colours, ranging from black to blue. It depends on his mood and what style he chooses for that month. His real hair colour is white blond. His eyes are usually a deep blue but he often wears different coloured contacts. Mathias's style changed monthly, depending on what he wants to try. This means that he has no usual outfit. He is about 5'9 or 5'10 and weighs around 147 lbs.


Mathias is said to be full of youthful vigour and humour. Though he is also very stubborn and doesn't listen well to others. As a result, he is known to be bossy, controlling, and demanding to the point where most people find it hard to get along with him. Despite his young age, he is a heavy drinker. Mathias is not a very musical person, unlike his friends. He only knows how to play the drums, and not even very well.

Known Family

  • Ryker Køhler, Father
  • Kiersten Køhler, Step-Mother.
  • Unknown goddess, Mother


  • Despite being from the Czech Republic, Mathias and his family all have Danish names.
  • Mathias is loosely based of Denmark from Axis Powers Hetalia.

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