Maverick Chambers is a 19-year-old demigod child of Lois Chambers and Hades. He has black hair, green eyes, and is very tall for his age.


Early life

Maverick was born in the year 1997 as a demigod child of Hades and his mother Lois Chambers. Unlike most demigod children, he did not attend special needs classes during his school years. He first knew something was wrong with him when he and his friend Tyler were attacked by an Empousa in the sixth grade in the year 2009. The Empousa wanted to talk with Maverick "alone". Maverick said yes, and he and the she-demon talked for five minutes before she tried to bite him. Tyler then stepped in at the last second and saved Maverick's life. After the Empousa was vanquished Tyler, being a satyr, then knocked Maverick on the back of the head, knocking him out. He later woke up on the bus, convinced he had dozed off. He had never thought much of the "dream" since it happened. Maverick eventually graduated high school with his friends and joined the US army rangers.

"My father's the lord of the dead?..."

When Russia attacked America in 2016 due to a terrorist attack believed to be conducted by Americans, Maverick's regiment was called on to defend the attacking area. Maverick then remembered the "dream" when he was shot in the chest and the bullet hole healed up on its own. His cohort, corporal MacMillan, saw what happened, and dragged Maverick out of fire to an empty broom closet in a K-mart nearby. Cpl MacMillan questioned him, and Maverick responded truthfully. Cpl MacMillan then made a call on his radio, and seconds later, they were both carried off by two pegasi to Camp Half-Blood. The US army rangers, not being able to find them after the battle, considered them MIA(missing in action). MacMillan introduced Maverick to Chiron, who explained the whole your-father-is... thing. Maverick has tooken his life alot more serious since then, being warry of mysterious things. Currently, he is still good friends with Tyler the satyr and has a girlfriend named Riley, a daughter of Iris.
Pvt. Sandler

Maverick before being shot in the chest, it only healing up on its own.

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