Maximus Carbine is the son of Ananke.







The Gatekeepers









Maximus was born in a pocket dimension that Chaos had created. The dimension was made up of one city that was like a utopia. The only gods that were aware of it's existence wer Chaos, Chronos, and Ananke. The three god's produced several demiprotgenoi in this dimension.

Arrival on Earth and Chaos Chrisis

When Phusis of Earth attacked Chaos in his slumber it resulted in the destruction of Maximus' home. very few managed to escape with help of the protogenoi. When he arrived on earth he along with the others from his world joined the Gatekeepers in helping defeat Phusis.

Joining the Dark Circle

Ananke later had him join the Dark CIrcle as her champion.

Hunters of Apollo and Death

Sometime later Hannah asked him to accompany her on a quest to prove the exxistence of the Hunters of Apollo. They would later join with the primordial demigods Nora Silvan and Carlos Garza and Hannah's former boyfriend Charles. Maximus would later meet his end during the quest protecting his companions from a legion of archers.


Maximus was buried by his people and many demigods from Camp Half-Blood and the Dark Circle attended in funeral. He was one of the heroes ressurected during the Chaotic War, He was slain once again alongside Justin Camerons.


He is a bit of a sociopath. He believes in doing what's neccesary for the greater good and feels no remorse for his actions. Around those he considers friends he is sociable and jokes around.

Powers and Abilities


Maximus in his "work suit"

  • Able to force anyone to do what he wills. This strains his energy the longer he does it.
  • Can create bonds between two or more people whether good or bad
  • At times he can prophecy events to come.
  • Is gifted with postcognition
  • With meditation he can learn everything there is to know about the universe
  • He has an orb that allows him to interdimensional travel. While he cannot use it to go back home it does allow him to teleport.


Uses a variety of handguns and shotguns.

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