May S

May Willow Stanlees (born June 17, 1980) is a satyr.

Looking For Angels.

May is seen breaking up a fight between Amanda and Natalia.

She helps dispose of Mrs Barnette's dead body then tells Natalia about her true nature, being a demigod.

They go to camp together but are first attacked by Alecto (Fury).

May is complimented by Percy behind her back.


As all satyrs do, May has goats legs. She likes to hide them under bright blue jeans and hot pink boots. She is very colourful. She has blue eyes and bleach blonde hair. She has never dyed her hair and is totally against it. Usually, May wears a bit of pink lip gloss and some blush but never really much make-up. May is 4'8 and weighs 90 lbs.


May is a very bubbly and nice girl. She can be very persuasive and shy at times though. She is really playful and talkative. Although she is a heavy worrier. As most satyrs are. Her favourite colour is pink. Even though she knows life is hard and often is for her, she gets through it with her pink lip-gloss and a smile.

Known Family.

  • April Fernanda, Mother.
  • Audrey Stanlees, Father.


  • May's parents are divorced.
  • Get it? Her mum's name is April, her name is May... Hurhur... What'll she name her kid, March? XD

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