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Melissa Parker is mother of Marie, Matt, Malcolm, and Makenzie Parker and a mortal who could see through the mist


Melissa has golden brown hair and aqua colored eyes. She is very pretty and dresses very chic.

She is very loving and kind, but put most of her children of for adoption for she did not want to take care of them, though she had been able to keep them close for they all lived in New York City, where she lived as well.


She met Poseiden in Florida while on vacation while camping just after collage. A few months later, Marie Parker was born. She put her up for adoption, and was adopted by a family in the other side of New York. Marie was attacked by a fury when she was thirteen and brought to Camp Half-Blood.


Melissa met Hades in a graveyard while mourning the loss of her friend two yeas after Poseiden. She continued looking for him, for she knew he was a god.

About four months later, Matt Parker was born. She also put him up for adoption and was adopted by a family in New York. Matt found out he was a demigod when he was ten when he was attacked by a hellhound. His worst fear was to be a child of Hades before he was claimed.


She met Zues soon after Matt was born and put up for adoption. They dated for a month or so and a few months later Malcolm Parker was born.

She again put him up for adoption, though they disowned him and then lived on the streets. After being attacked by a pack of hellhounds, he was claimed by Zues.


She met Apollo at a concert a few months after Matt was adopted, and soon Makenzie Parker was born.

She did keep Makenzie though, but when she was eight, she sent her to Camp Half-Blood as a year rounder. Makenzie quotes

"She wanted me to go year-round. Not like she didn't want to take care of me, but like she wanted me to stay for something... like I would meet someone or something. I hoped she didn't mean boys. "

Makenzie was the first to suspect something odd with her siblings.

The Four Demigods


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