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Mortals. You are lucky beyond belief. The fates have always looked kindly upon you. You live your lives without a care in the world. you read our stories and you remain unaffected. We are nothing more then entertainment to you. Fictional characters in a fictional book. But we are not. We are Demigods, and we are real. Many of you know the story of Percy Jackson. The rightful hero, and son of Poseidon. Well, he wasn’t the only demigod running around at the time. He made it to half blood hill, and it was a good thing he did. But until recently, I did not. Percy had the Fates on his side that he was the son of one of the big three. Again, I did not.

What You Need To Know

My name is Sam Akerson, and I am a child of Nike. Not the shoe, but the minor Greek God of strength, speed, and victory. Not many people remember my mother anymore, except some shoe company. But other then that, she is remembered only by a small group of scholars. to the public, she is just thrown together with Hermes, or Athena, but she is very different. Hermes is a messenger, and a son of Zeus. Athena is a God of war, true, but she is smart, and cunning, and again, a daughter of Zeus. My mother is a true God, the daughter of Pallas and the River Styx; a titan and a force of nature. But since she was not a child of Kronos, she was not recognized. Still, she has her connections. Athena is a good friend of my mother. And sometimes she can put in a good word or two for her children. And she gets to live on Olympus, so I guess she got a break, since many of the other Titan Children were imprisoned. But her children, the few of them there are, are mostly forgotten.

Now, thanks to Percy, we have a home at camp Half blood, but I doubt there are many of us left. In this last war, many of my siblings fought for Kronos, sadly. Even I spent some time in his ranks. Something I will regret for the rest of my life, however long that may be. But I'll Save that for a later time.

The Search for a Home

Many Demigods are very "un-lucky" (as you Mortals call it) in the fact they don't usually know their parentage. Some, like Percy, don't discover it untill they enter their teens. Others, well...they never find out at all. But then there are the Fateful few who know from the begining. I was one of those. My Father, being the man he was, was extriemly proud of me. In short, He LOVED me. Again, this is very unusual for a Demigod. But that love did not last. On my eleventh birthday, my mortal parent was assasinated. An old enemy had finaly caught up with him. From then on I was an Orphan. I had no Mortal parent. and no one to care for me. I was first sent to a foster home. I was there for two weeks. The same story repeated itsel for the second home, and the third, and the fourth. Finally, I ran. I gathered what little i could, a change of clothes, some mortal money, and a bag of muffins. I then proceded to head for the hills. For the First few days, it was rough. I was not used to living in the elements, and I was only eleven.

The first week was hard. I wasn't used to living on my own, providing for myself, or living in the elements. The second week was worse. I was hungry, i had no food, no money to buy food, and no where to go to get food. The entire week was devoted to my stomach. But the third week was the worst. By then, I had learned how to survive, but that's what had hurt the most. My father, knowing who and what I was, had taught me to live in the wildernes. How to make camp, make fire, forrage for food. I was remembering how to do these things that hurt. But help came. On the third night, my mother visited me in a dream. We chatted, I cried, and she comforted me. Most importantly, she helped me. "When you are in great need, look for my sign and I will provide." these were the last words i heard before I was wakened by the sound of police sirens."

"What in the name of hades?" were the first words out of my mouth. Then i realized what had woken me up. Police sirens can be a great thing. They can also be your worst nightmare, and for me they were the latter of the two. I was a fugitive on the run, remember. Quickly i grabbed my pack, and ran off into the night. I was somewhere in Illinois. just another suburb in some insignificant town...or so i thought. I had been sleeping in a patch of woods between two neighborhoods, now I was running down their dark and deserted streets. Unfortunately, i was running the wrong way.

I was running down a street called DOPEY LN. when the cop car pulled behind me. Apparently they were looking for someone who looked alot like me, because they immediately gunned the engine in persuit. I was in alot of trouble, to say the least. I was a deliquient, with no home, no alibi, and no reason to be out on the street. If I was caught, they would just send me back to the foster home, and it would be that much harder to escape. Obviously none of this came to mind at the time, my mother is not the god of wisdom in battle remember, I just decided to run.

DOPEY LN. is a very long street. once I realized this, I took the nearest street i could and followed that, hoping it might lead some where i could hide. The first street that appeared, happened to be GRUMPY DR. I followed this about a block and turned right onto SLEEPY LN. What is this palce? Who would create such an abomination?! Sure enough, at the next turn, Its SNOW WHITE PL. I about screamed, almost, but not quite. Instead I continued running, right into the biggest fight of my life.

You see, while I was reading street signs, a battle for life or death had been raging on SNOW WHITE PL. It ended up that a few Hell Hounds had been sent out to do their usual thing, roam and pillage and all that great stuff. While they were doing said stuff, they picked up the sents of a few demigods, myself not included, at least not quite yet. But that all changed the moment I ran face first into the back of the largest Hell Hound in the pack. As I fell flat on my a**, the police pulled onto the scene, and the five Demigods fought for thier lives against the remaining Hell Hounds, I realized that I was not the reason for the arrival of the police. And here all thinking stopped. Because standing before me was the largest Hell Hound I had ever seen (and the only one I had ever seen).

Thankfuly, my presance was noticed by the other five demigods, and with one great barrage of arrows, the Hell Hound slowly melted into oblivion. Needless to say, Neither myself or the other demigods were in the clear, there were still three Hell Hounds left, and the police were still sitting there, seeing I don't know what. Suddenly, the Largest demigod shouted something unintelligable to me (I was in shock) , and the whole group ran in my direction. In one swift movement, he threw me on his sholder and we ran into the night. Before I passed out, I managed to recognize the nike swoosh on the back of the jacket on which I was riding. To say the least, I was relieved.







When I finally woke up, I was extriemly shaken. I had been dreaming. and the dreams were not pretty. I had visions of the gods fighting, tearing eachother to pieces, and then of Mt. Olympus exploding in a rain of stone and fire. But all that faded away when i opened my eyes. for there, only a foot from mine, was a ring of faces. Four to be exact.� Four of the Demigods from before. The largest one, who I assumed had carried me here, was off in the corner of the room.

"He's awake!"

"About time sleepy head."

"Thought you'd never come to."


But only silence greeted me from the largest Demigod. While the others had been shouting out a chorus of greetings, he had only watched me with a puzzled look. It bothered me, but I left it alone, I was too busy answering the barrage of questions from the others.

"So whats your name?"

"Sam Akerso..."

"Where ya from"

"Washington D..."

"No one cares. How old?"


"Are You Single?"

"LIZZIE!" shouted the other three in unison.

"What? It never hurts to ask."

"Oooh! Who's your parent?"


"Enough!" barked the largest. everyone backed off "We have a guest who just came out of a three day catnap, and instead of letting him figure out what in hades is going on, you pester him to death with questions. Why don't you give him a turn? Considering he has no clue who we are or where he is."

There was complete silence in the room. Made a quick glance around to be sure there were no more comments, and then turned to the biggest demigod. He was tall, and muscular. He was caucasian, with brown hair and dark brown eyes. And he was definately what you would consider handsom. It was to him I asked my first question.

"Who are you people?"

"WE are the protectorate. A group of halfbloods who have banded together to protect Chacigo and the surounding area from as many monsters as possible. But I think you meant individually, not collectively. And since you've told us who you are, I guess thats fair." with that he glanced at at the one they called Lizzie.

Lizzie was a blond. Her� hair was long and lushious, and she had curves. Her eyes were the color of the sky on a cloudless day, and her skin� was the model of the perfect tan. She� was caucasian, with the perfect height of� 5' 3".

"You already know Lizzie," said the large one. "but� in the case� you should ever want to date her, you might want to know a few things. First off, she is thirteen; so if anything happens, I will personally kill you both. Second, she is the dead eye in the group. Don't challenge her to a shooting match, 'cuz you'll loose, And� third, she is a daughter of Apherdities, incase you hadn't figured that out yet."

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