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Mercedes River Dean (born July 7 1997) is a currently unclaimed demigoddess.

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye.

Mercedes does not appear in it yet, but will soon.


Mercedes looks like a Hermes child. She has piercing blue eyes and light brown hair. Her hair is actually really wavy but she straightens it. She has white skin, not pale and not tanned. She likes to wear slightly more girly things. It's nearly hard to believe that her grandfather is Ares.


Being a demigoddess, Mercedes had ADHD and dyslexia. She is very humorous and likes to tease her friends. Her personality is still under construction.

Known Family.

  • Talon Dean, Brother.
  • Ares, Grandfather.
  • Alexander Dean, Father.
  • Karen Dean, Grandmother.
  • Unknown Olympian god/goddess, Parent.


  • Mercedes has another ironic birth date. She was born July (seventh month) 7 (seventh day) 1997.
  • Mercedes's heritage is still unknown.

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