Micheal Ronaldson
[[MKR don't steal|250px]]
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth September 18, 2981
Current age Varies
Gender Male
Family Unnamed parents (†)

JJ Ronaldson, Sadie Robson (ancestors)

Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Red
Height Varies
Alias None
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Weapons Satros, Iaculis
Species Legacy
Home Unknown
Appearances Several
Quests Several

Michealangelo Koshu "Micheal" Ronaldson is a legacy of Pan and Zeus, the descendant of JJ Ronaldson and Sadie Robson. He is a master sorcerer.


Micheal was born in 2981. He was trained in sorcery from a young age, becoming skilled in it.

At an unknown point in time, he failed an expirement with a certain spell. This activated his hidden ability to see glimpses ofother times and places upon contact with certain objects. This first occured when he touched his ancestor's staff, Satros, and saw a his ancestor stealing Nagar's powers and causing him to fade.


Micheal has long, dark red hair, misty grey eyes, pale skin and a pointed chin. He has a large "V"-shaped scar on his back. When he has a vision, his eyes turn cream-colored and the veins on both his neck and the part of his body he touched the object with bulge out.


Micheal is a level-headed, intelligent person who often acts as a "voice of reason" among his friends.


  • He is a master sorcerer
  • He can see glimpses of other times and places upon contact with certain objects.

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