Avatar6863 Michael di Angelo is 15 years old (April 30,1995) and is a son of Hades


Michael is outgoing,VERY smart,and tough, but he has a nice side.When Michael found out that he was a son of hades, he started cutting himself. He hates chipmunked rock/rap songs


Michael took his first steps and started talking at 2 months old (Impossible,you might say).He was put up for adoption but no one adopted him.When he was sent to a pre-school when he was 2 years old.He went to the first grade at 5, he finished grade school at 11. And then was sent to a high school at 14 (He finished in 2 years). His first word was "Buckit (Bucket)".

Abilities and Weapons

He has/can:

  • Michael has dominion over the dead.
  • Michael has necromancy,an ability that can summon and communicate with the dead.
  • Michael can kill otherwise immortal undead skeletons.
  • He can sense when a mortal or half-blood has died through the buzzing in his ears.
  • Michael can create flaming fissures of hellfire that then closes, swallowing up living or dead creatures and immediately trapping them in the Underworld.
  • Michael can call forth the dead with his Stygian Iron sword from the Underworld.
  • Michael has geokinesis so he can make rocks deadly.
  • It is suggested that he can bend shadows to conceal his presence.
  • Michael can shadow travel (a form of teleportation that allows the creature of the Underworld to travel to any desired place on earth).
  • Michael can put skeletons to sleep by pointing at them.
  • He also has deep knowledge of the underworld due to being the son of Hades
  • Michael can summon Hellfire from his hands

(I copied this from the Nico di Angelo in the PJO wiki, exept for the hellfire power/pyrokenisis)

His weapon of choice is: Two swords that look like this:


Known Family



Brother-Nico di Angelo

Sister-Bianca di Angelo,deceased


  • Michael had a teddy bear until age 7
  • He is a self-insertion of me (the boarding school, the bucket, and the teddy bear arent in real life)
  • You may use him for any story as long as he doesn't become evil

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